Twin Array 12     Twin Array 12
Twin Array 12, SOLTON, aa CRAAFT

Twin Array 12










Die TWIN ARRAYs aktiv PA-Systeme mit elegantem Design sind mit modernster Technik ausgestattet. Feinste Klangqualität und mit gerichtetem Abstrahlverhalten
(Line-Array Prinzip) eignen sie sich, bestens für Musik- und Sprachwiedergabe, auch in akustisch schwierigen Räumen. Homogenes Klangbild, angenehmer Sound im Nahbereich und klare Verständlichkeit auf Distanz sind die Vorteile gegenüber herkömmlichen Lautsprechersystemen.


The TWIN ARRAYs active PA-Systems with an elegant design are equiped with modern technology. Finest soundquality with cylindricale dispersion characteristics (Line-Array principle) provides a clean and natural reproduction for music and voice, even in acoustical difficult rooms. Homogenous and pleasant sound in the nearfield and clean audibility on distance are the advantages in comparison with conventional speaker systems.


Equiped with 4 pcs. 4" speakers, in array function and 1 pc. ribbon neodym driver.

Jetzt auch in Weiß erhältlich. Öffnet internen Link im aktuellen FensterCT-4 W

Available now also in White. Öffnet internen Link im aktuellen FensterCT-4 W


Loudspeaker Type 4 x 4", two-way, compact line array
Frequency Range (-10dB) 100 Hz - 20 kHz
Frequency Range (± 3dB) 120 Hz - 18 kHz
Coverage Pattern H 120° x V 15° nominal (user-rotatable)
Power Handling 280 W continuous, 1120 W peak
System Sensitivity (1w/1m) 92 dB
Maximum SPL (Calculated at 1m) 116 dB continuous, 122 dB peak
HF Driver Ribbon driver
LF Driver 4 x 4" woofer
Nominal Impedance 4 ohms
Crossover 2,5 kHz passive
Protection PTC driver protection
Active Tunings / Features n/a
Enclosure Alu
Finish Black or White
Fittings pole-mount socket
Protective Grille Black perforated steel
Connectors 1 x NL4
Dimensions mm (WxHxD) 140 x 820 x 120
Weight 5,5 kg


» Sensitivity 92dB\W\1m
» Maximum RMS Soundpressure 116 dB in 1 meter
» Maximum Peak-Soundpressure 122 dB in 1 meter
» Maximum power 400 Watts 0.1% THD

TA-12 Sub

Loudspeaker Type Self-powered, Single12", bass-reflex, subwoofer
Frequency Range (-10dB) 40 Hz - 250
Frequency Response (± 3dB) 50 Hz - 130 Hz
Coverage Pattern Omni
Power for satellites / for Sub 1x 400 W cont 4 ohm , 1600 W peak / 500 W cont, 2000 W peak
System Sensitivity (1w/1m) 98 dB
Maximum SPL (Calculated at 1m) 125 dB continuous, 131 dB peak
HF Driver n/a
LF Driver 12",aaCRAAFT, Long stroke 3" voice coil woofer
Nominal impedance 4 ohms
Crossover Active, DSP
Protection Limiter
Active Tunings / Features Gain, Sub Level, DSP, Phase switch
Enclosure 15 mm birch plywood
Black textured paint
Fittings 2 x Handles, M20 pole socket
Protective Grille Black perforated steel with acoustic transparent foam backing
Connectors Line in, FULL out, RS485 In/Out
Dimensions mm (WxHxD) 400 x 440 x 400
Weight 21 kg


» 1x 500/1000 Watt ICEpower® digital amp for 12" Sub

» 1x 400/800 Watt ICEpower® digital amp for Top CT-4


» Sensitivity 98dB\W\1m

» Maximum RMS Soundpressure 125 dB in 1 meter

» Maximum Peak-Soundpressure 131 dB in 1 meter

» Lowest cutoff frequency 50 Hz


» Input with gain control

» Subwoofer level

» DSP-settings (8 fixed soundprograms and

8 free-program settings by customer)

» DSP settings in realtime

» Full-range output

» USB/RS-485 remote control

» Phase switch

» Speaker output to Sat

» Limiter

» In/out for RS-485 remote control

» Fixed soundprograms:

Basic, Pop, Flat, Folk, Classic, Rock, Monitoring, Voice

» Download more soundprograms, or create your own soundprogram



CT-4 Bagfor 1x CT-4 Top
TA-12 Coverfor bass cabinet TA-12 SUB
NA 25Tilt adapter -25° / +25°
WH 45Wall mounting speaker bracket, adjustable with wheel mechanism till 45°
HSAlu speaker-stand

VB 20

Variable-bar with M 20 for speaker
V1Connection cable RS 485 to USB (PC)


subject to change without prior notice


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Twin Array 12, SOLTON, aa CRAAFT
Twin-array SOLTON aa CRAAFT
Twin-array SOLTON aa CRAAFT