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The Company

The company SOLTON was founded in 1972 by Mr. Josef Sperl.
The invention of innovative products like rotating speaker cabinets and professional Entertainer keyboards in the 80's and 90's led to the reason that SOLTON reached a leading position on the worldwide market.

Own production of high power aa-CRAAFT © loudspeakers, PRO-PA-System and amplification expanded the sales program with great success.
With all the experience of more than 30 years in the PRO-audio-field, a high quality standard is guaranteed with an excelent sound, developed by German engineers and taken over by many artists and theaters.

Our product lines are: "SOLTON"©, "aa-CRAAFT"© and "Klug & Sperl"©.
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MORE THAN 45 years experience!

Magazine from 1982


More than 45 Years



Foundation of the company SOLTON Music by Josef Sperl and establishment of the administration and production facility in Pocking Germany with focus on the production of guitar, bass tube amplifiers and loudspeaker cabinets.


The great international breakthrough came with the development and production of the first rotor cabinets made in Europe, two-part and easily transportable.


Entry into the organ business in cooperation with CRB Italy.


Introduction of P.A. Exclusive brand "aa-craaft" to Musikmesse Frankfurt.


Founding of a sister company in Italy (Ketron) and beginning the development state-of- the- art keyboard technology.


Renewed production expansion by acquisition of an adjacent production facility with the beginning of its own high-performance loudspeaker production as well as state-of-the-art amplifier technology and construction of professional stage amplifier systems.


Beginning of the SOLTON piano production in Kronach Germany.


Extension of the production of amplifiers in cooperation with TESLA (Czech Republic) as well as loudspeaker chassis and housing construction with company Aculab Sofia. Presentation at Messe Frankfurt the aa-rt system "intelligent" processor systems for P-A. Systems.


Piano cooperation with Petrof and IFM (Czech Republic).


Introduction of the most successful SOLTON keyboards MS 50 - MS 60 one of the world's best selling keyboards.


Dissolution of the division Keyboards and termination of the cooperation with Ketron.


Restructuring of the company focusing on the production of SOLTON "High Class" P.A. Facilities from entertainers to major events.


Continuation of the SOLTON-Acoustic company by CEO Sebastian Sperl.

Here and Now

Josef Sperl, himself a musician, started a music business and built himself loudspeaker boxes, which were very well received by professional bands. It was followed by tube amp production for guitar, bass and finally also that interest of the specialized trade aroused.

Well-known pop singers and gala bands of that time such as Bata Illic, Vico Torriani, Heidi Brühl, Ireen Sheer, Les Clochards, Ambros Seelos, Contis etc. were fully convinced of the perfect sound quality of the SOLTON products. In 1975/76 Fats Domino and Bill Haley (King of Rock'n Roll) went on a European tour with complete SOLTON equipment.

SOLTON rotor cabinets, professional organs and keyboards have become big sellers internationally. 

Major events such as Olympia Sarajevo, Hahnenkamm race Kitzbühel and many others were sonicated with SOLTON and aa craaft facilities.

Josef Sperl, who still makes music today with his band "Oldie Express", continues to be responsible for the sound design of today's products. Son Sebastian Sperl, singer of Alternative Metal band "ALSO AM I" is responsible for the technical support.


The successful current product range offers the optimal selection for every music genre. SOLTON Acoustic is currently exporting to 28 countries, the brands "SOLTON" and "aa craaft".